"Another great service"
- Jimmy Jones

John McLeods' have been involved in many Renovations and Restorations over the years here are some definitions of what these terms mean :

Restoration is the "act of returning the structure to it's former condition." One Project we were recently involved with included Restoring a Large Entrance Porch to a period home that had been part demolished for a modern structure to be added. The modern structure was swiftly removed to allow our stonemason access to rebuild the stone base course and large sill sections this also involved creating new access steps back to their original location. Our Joiners had to repair mouldings and making good some lots of original features by re-instating the original columns found elsewhere on the grounds of the Estate (very lucky). It was great to work with a client who appreciated the history of the building and would stop at nothing to regain its originality. The only Information we were able to go by was a black and white photo, found by accident within the property. Our client was delighted with the results. 

Renovation is "the act of renewing." On one of our recent Renovation projects we were asked to re produce 120no Sash & Casement windows as per the originals, some of which included Gothic Arches & external doors. This was a demanding task as the Astragals on each of the windows had to be made as per the originals which was no problem at all, the curve ball was that our client had permission to fit double glazing to these whilst modernising the property. After all of the planning processes had been completed in relation to the windows, the works on site were well under way meaning we were around 9 months behind the other trades that had started on the internal alterations, however credit to our team in the workshop & our staff on site as they pulled out the stops and we managed to reach a deadline which put us slightly ahead of the Internal fit out teams ... phew it was a tight one,  but as you will see from the pictures, a fantastic project to be involved with and again for a client that demanded the upmost qaulity of work, thats why we believe in Restoring the Past ~ Building the Future.